Learn what it means to be a member at Cedar Grove Baptist SC

Read what some of our Members have to say about what membership means at Cedar Grove Baptist Church.

"Membership at Cedar Grove Baptist Church means that I am a part of God’s holy design. I am also a part of a 21 Century Intergenerational church that works towards God’s holy plan to make disciples, change lives, and save souls."

Dorothy Vance, member


"Membership at Cedar Grove Baptist church means I am in covenant with God, and the members of the church where I am committed to aid the spiritual and financial growth of the church.  It is also a place where I go to learn and fellowship for the purpose of a closer walk in Christ."

Virginia Powell, member


"Membership at Cedar Grove means you have the security of belonging and being one part of a larger group of Baptized believers with a corporate mission of Glorifying God by winning souls, making disciples and changing lives.   It provides  access to a system of tools and support that can aide to further the ministry of Jesus Christ while holding firm to the ideas of Hebrews 10:25 (assembling)and Proverbs 27:17 (sharpening)."

Deacon Eddie Bryson, member